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SmartRoll Cat Toy

SmartRoll Cat Toy

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Interactive Entertainment: The SmartRoll Cat Toy provides your feline friend with endless entertainment, keeping them engaged and active indoors.

Quality Materials: Constructed from high-quality ABS and silicone, the toy is safe for your cat to play with and bite, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

Unique Design: With a diameter of 1.69in / 4.2cm, the SmartRoll Cat Toy's size is tailored for feline play, enhancing your cat's natural hunting instincts and providing a customized interactive experience.

Intelligent Features: The toy's intelligent mode enables it to mimic prey movements, dodge obstacles, and respond to your cat's touch, providing a dynamic and stimulating play experience.

Quiet Operation: Equipped with noise-reducing features, the Smart Cat Toy operates quietly, allowing your cat to play day or night without disturbing your peace, ensuring a restful environment.

Battery Life: With an 80mAh battery capacity and a 30-40 minute playtime on a full charge, the toy offers extended fun sessions for your cat, promoting exercise, mental stimulation, and overall well-being.

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