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Smart Pet Feeder

Smart Pet Feeder

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Convenience and Peace of Mind: The ROJECO Automatic Pet Feeder offers the convenience of scheduling feedings ahead of time, ensuring your pets are fed whether you're home or away. This gives pet owners peace of mind knowing their pets' dietary needs are met on time, every time.

Customizable Feeding Schedule: With the ability to set min and max output from 50g to 1000g and time settings, it caters to the dietary needs of both small and large pets, preventing overeating or underfeeding.

Smart Device Integration: The WiFi version allows for remote control and monitoring via a smartphone app, making it easier to manage your pet's feeding schedule and portion sizes from anywhere, providing an extra layer of convenience for tech-savvy pet owners.

Durable and Safe Materials: Made of plastic body and stainless steel food bowl ensures durability and safety for your pets, protecting them from harmful substances and making cleaning easy.

Large Capacity: With a 4L capacity, it can hold about 4kg of dry food, making it suitable for dog owners who need feeding solutions for up to 6 days and cat owners for 16-20 days, reducing the frequency of refills.

Versatility and Additional Features: Suitable for dry food of various sizes (2-12MM), it caters to different pet preferences and dietary requirements. Features like the LCD display for easy operation, child lock for safety, and a range of smart and automatic functionalities make it a comprehensive feeding solution for pets.

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