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Pet Water Fountain™

Pet Water Fountain™

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Reliable Power Options: It works with both a plug and batteries. This means it will keep working even during power cuts, and you won't have messy cables everywhere.

Motion-Activated & Normal Modes: It offers both a motion-activated mode and a constant flow mode. The IR sensor in the motion-activated mode conserves power and extends the lifespan of the pump, making it an energy-efficient solution.

High Capacity: With a 2-liter capacity, this water fountain is ideal for dogs, cats, and households with multiple pets. It ensures that your pets have a sufficient water supply for extended periods, reducing the frequency of refills.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean: The stainless steel top is more hygienic compared to plastic alternatives and is easy to clean. The lid with buckles secures the top pieces, preventing tipping and ensuring a stable drinking surface.

User-Friendly Features: It has reminders for changing the filter and low battery alerts. This makes it easy to keep the fountain running smoothly without forgetting important tasks.

Quiet Operation: The super quiet pump is perfect for households with light sleepers and ensures a stress-free environment for your pets. The fountain's quiet operation makes it suitable for placement anywhere in the home without causing disturbances.

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